Sunday, July 20, 2008

SAILING, Finally!

I was determined not to leave San Francisco before I sailed in the Bay so yesterday I hopped on a chartered boat. It was a 41ft two masted ketch. I had a great time even though I was freezing, the wind was blowing 20 knots and we were getting sprayed. I got on the boat with 9 wild women celebrating a bachelorette party. They were a great group of girls and I am glad I was on the boat with them. The charter came with free drinks and they took advantage of that. One of the girls had four beers, good job. I asked for a wine, which I got and had to drink really fast because I needed to hold on with both hands. The boat was heeled over so far the rail was in the water. Maybe she drank so much because she thought she was going swimming. Before we left the capitan asked if we wanted the "wet and wild ride" or the calm smooth ride (down wind). We, obviously with some encouragement from me, went for "wet and wild." Even though it was cold and I couldn't drink my wine I was very happy. Sailing in San Francisco bay is a totally different animal, it is very cold and windy. Having said that, it doesn't stop the sailing. There is at least 50 boats sailing in the bay everyday and there seems to be a race everyday. The crew are all dressed in their foulies. Next time I come I will try to get on a boat during a happy hour race. That would be soooo cool, but I better be prepared with the right gear.

I could go on an on about the sailing so I will stop now. I will talk your ears off when I see you. Today I went to Alcatraz and did the land tour. Pretty interesting I am glad I went. Then I got back to the house and packed and cleaned. So this is it. I am out of here tomorrow and back to reality so no more blogs. The next one I will put up will be one letting everyone know the pictures are there.

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