Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The boys are gone

We said our goodbyes to the boys at the doc. For myself, Gail and Ruth Ann this would be the second time to waive goodbye to our guys. We all went up to the landing at the Saint Francis Yacht club where we had the perfect view of the racers.
The boys paraded by several times and waved, they we looking good. The starting sequence started then the gun fired for the start and they were off. We decided to get into the car and try to get the the Golden Gate Bridge to see them for the last time before they headed out to sea. We got there in time to see all the boats go under and we looked through binoculars trying to figure out which boat they were. As they sailed farther and farther out of sight we realized this was the end and the next time we would see them would be back in Kaneohe.
What else were we going to do but, EAT. We were all really hungry, by this time it was 2:30 and we were starved. We found this great restaurant up the street from the yacht club and made our way in. We sat and ate great food, drank delicious wine, and had wonderful conversation. During lunch we were pleasantly surprised by phone calls from the boys we all got to talk to our guys before they were out of reach. We were happy to hear they were all doing fine and were sailing well.
After lunch we gave each other goodbye hugs and kisses until we see each other again back home. What a day, now we wait for the emails.

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