Thursday, July 17, 2008

The last again

I thought this was worth mentioning. True to form Lora and I were the last to leave the restaurant tonight after dinner. We found this interesting Bistro on the Internet not to far from the house and decided to try it out. While walking to the restaurant we got side tracked into a wine shop and after some wine tasting and good salesmen ship, we walked out of the store with (I am not going to say how much but it was a lot for just two girls) wine.
We found out Wednesday night was no corkage fee night, SCORE. I went back to the car, grabbed two bottles of wine and we were set. Again, we ate good food, drank delicious wine, and talked. Next thing you know we are the only ones left in the restaurant. I think I see a pattern.
Side note - Ellis lost 10 pounds on the sail to San Francisco and probably going to lose more on the way back. I think I may do the opposite.

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