Sunday, July 20, 2008

SAILING, Finally!

I was determined not to leave San Francisco before I sailed in the Bay so yesterday I hopped on a chartered boat. It was a 41ft two masted ketch. I had a great time even though I was freezing, the wind was blowing 20 knots and we were getting sprayed. I got on the boat with 9 wild women celebrating a bachelorette party. They were a great group of girls and I am glad I was on the boat with them. The charter came with free drinks and they took advantage of that. One of the girls had four beers, good job. I asked for a wine, which I got and had to drink really fast because I needed to hold on with both hands. The boat was heeled over so far the rail was in the water. Maybe she drank so much because she thought she was going swimming. Before we left the capitan asked if we wanted the "wet and wild ride" or the calm smooth ride (down wind). We, obviously with some encouragement from me, went for "wet and wild." Even though it was cold and I couldn't drink my wine I was very happy. Sailing in San Francisco bay is a totally different animal, it is very cold and windy. Having said that, it doesn't stop the sailing. There is at least 50 boats sailing in the bay everyday and there seems to be a race everyday. The crew are all dressed in their foulies. Next time I come I will try to get on a boat during a happy hour race. That would be soooo cool, but I better be prepared with the right gear.

I could go on an on about the sailing so I will stop now. I will talk your ears off when I see you. Today I went to Alcatraz and did the land tour. Pretty interesting I am glad I went. Then I got back to the house and packed and cleaned. So this is it. I am out of here tomorrow and back to reality so no more blogs. The next one I will put up will be one letting everyone know the pictures are there.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wine Country

Today Lora and I went into wine country. I suggested we visit Saint Francis Vineyard first since this is a wine that I frequently buy. Their vineyard was the farthest away so we thought we would start there and make our way back. This turned out to be a great choice because I bought a bottle of wine from this vineyard that cost more than I ever thought I would spend on a bottle of wine. This will be a bottle that Ellis and I will share alone with some prime rib. Lora also bought a few bottles of wine and we were happy. We stopped at Chateau St. Jean which was a beautiful vineyard but none of their wines swept me off my feet. Then we stopped at Kenwood and nothing much there. Our last stop was Valley of the Moon and we were impressed with their wine and bought some. I wanted to do a cave tour but it was to late and the vineyards were shutting down. All the more reason to come back.

Tomorrow I take Lora to the airport and then it is just me and George. Oh I don't think I introduced you to George Peter Streetfinder (GPS). He has been extremely helpful in getting Lora and I around San Francisco. Although sometimes a little slow to make up his mind and sends us in circles he has been extremely helpful and someone we could not have done without. Let's see how he does in getting me back home from the airport.

soon to be alone in San Francisco,


Thursday, July 17, 2008

The last again

I thought this was worth mentioning. True to form Lora and I were the last to leave the restaurant tonight after dinner. We found this interesting Bistro on the Internet not to far from the house and decided to try it out. While walking to the restaurant we got side tracked into a wine shop and after some wine tasting and good salesmen ship, we walked out of the store with (I am not going to say how much but it was a lot for just two girls) wine.
We found out Wednesday night was no corkage fee night, SCORE. I went back to the car, grabbed two bottles of wine and we were set. Again, we ate good food, drank delicious wine, and talked. Next thing you know we are the only ones left in the restaurant. I think I see a pattern.
Side note - Ellis lost 10 pounds on the sail to San Francisco and probably going to lose more on the way back. I think I may do the opposite.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shop 'til you drop

The first day without the boys Lora and I got to sleep in. We didn't have to get up and run around San Francisco to West Marine or REI looking for stuff. We lounged, looked at email, drank coffee and relaxed. It was a little cold so I had no problem sitting under the covers. We decided today was our shopping day (look out boys we got your credit cards). A shopping mall in Walnut Creek was the target. I have to plead the fifth on what was bought so you are going to have to get it out of Lora (good luck, she spent more than me). We shopped, had lunch, then shopped again. What a life.

P.S. I still haven't spent as much as Ellis did on his Musto foul weather gear. I have alot of catching up to do.

The boys are gone

We said our goodbyes to the boys at the doc. For myself, Gail and Ruth Ann this would be the second time to waive goodbye to our guys. We all went up to the landing at the Saint Francis Yacht club where we had the perfect view of the racers.
The boys paraded by several times and waved, they we looking good. The starting sequence started then the gun fired for the start and they were off. We decided to get into the car and try to get the the Golden Gate Bridge to see them for the last time before they headed out to sea. We got there in time to see all the boats go under and we looked through binoculars trying to figure out which boat they were. As they sailed farther and farther out of sight we realized this was the end and the next time we would see them would be back in Kaneohe.
What else were we going to do but, EAT. We were all really hungry, by this time it was 2:30 and we were starved. We found this great restaurant up the street from the yacht club and made our way in. We sat and ate great food, drank delicious wine, and had wonderful conversation. During lunch we were pleasantly surprised by phone calls from the boys we all got to talk to our guys before they were out of reach. We were happy to hear they were all doing fine and were sailing well.
After lunch we gave each other goodbye hugs and kisses until we see each other again back home. What a day, now we wait for the emails.